I have always been a farm girl at heart.  Being raised on a 52 acre dairy farm I have fond memories of the life that brings:  long summer days swimming in the farm pond or fishing, making hay, ice skating on the pond in winter, sledding parties and always being outside.  When I got married and moved to "town", the farm did not leave me.  As the old saying goes ... "you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl".  Oh how true it is!  I always longed to return to the country and have a farm of my own.

Many years passed but the dream never died.  It was the thing that kept me going, a longing for tranquility, serenity, and space to roam.  In 2011 we finally found our farm, and it was homecoming at last.  Our home was built in 2 portions,  in 1747 and 1804 respectively.  We earnestly worked to restore the farmhouse and barn to its more original style, but taking some artistic license, as I had fallen in love with French decorating.  I especially love French Farmhouse style, and have chosen it to redecorate our farmhouse.

Recently a portion of land that had been sold from our original farm was coming up for sale.  It included a quaint cottage and barn, 14 acres and a stream.  We were fortunate to acquire it and it has now become The Genteel Farm.  A lovely French Farmhouse Guest Cottage that we completely restored and redecorated.   It is my deepest desire that you may experience that same tranquility and serenity and allow it to nourish your soul.  Let this charming country escape become your go-to destination.

The Genteel Farm is a truly exclusive wedding venue.  We offer a select number of weddings from late May to October.   It is my honor to share our farm with you and hope it becomes a memorable part of your special day.

I welcome you to The Genteel Farm.


Farm Girl :)